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Sept 2000
The merging of the Arts and the Computer Sciences
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Analysis & Consultation of your company regarding office automation Moving your C: drive applications to the Internet for better company access. Web designs with meaty backgrounds of database, CGI, and Java family
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Nutshell of PTA:  In today's technology, merging of the Computer Sciences and the Arts has become a reality.  PTA's primary service is in contract programming - Data Base design, E-business web sites, and application development.  Our main focus today is adding programming and data base capabilities behind Web sites - allowing you to convert your flat web page into a software application system.   

With 20+ years in programming experience, our founder, Jay D. James Pennington, has been writing software for business, science and the Fine Arts to analyze, solve and enhance  the customer's needs. Mr. Pennington is also a professional contemporary visual artist and works on projects which are the merger of science, art and music.  

For those searching for software assistance please review the Computer Sciences sections.  For those interested in the Fine Arts please enjoy features such as The Gallery.


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